Noctuelle cream


A beautifully fresh formulation with mandarin essence to suit all skin types, NO2ctuelle contains a high potency of Vitamin C to increase skin luminosity, oxygenation and collagen production while managing skin with hyper-pigmentation issues.


Containing the latest stabilized Vitamin C active with low molecular weight to work deeply on sallow skins with hyper-pigmentation tendencies and detoxifies tired skin lacking oxygen and vitality.

It helps protect urban skins that may be exposed regularly to harmful toxic pollutants. The nO2ctuelle intensely moisturizes and visibly smooths the skin by up to 45% after one month’s use!

Apply at night for a period of up to three months. After this time the skin will need an alternative SOTHYS night cream as the skin becomes used to the booster effect of the ingredients after this time and needs a different active to stay responsive. The Energising night cream with AHC’s (slow release hydroxyl compound) is recommended for an anti-ageing night care alternative.

nO2ctuelle cream may be intensified with Glysalac Dermobooster for added micro-exfoliation.

(Stabilized vitamin C 1%, Extract of nasturtium (oxygen-like action), Detoxifying complex, Shea Polyphenols (Detoxifying) Bio-tech Yeast extract, Hydra-smoothing complex marine collagen, avocado and macadamia oils)