Facial Treatments

Express Facial


Incorporating cell renewal and a personally prescribed mask and moisturiser. (Time 30 minutes)

Deep Cleansing Facial


A deep cleanse and exfoliation to thoroughly clean, renew and repair the skin. (Time 45 minutes)

Resurfacing Peeling IT


Detoxifying the skin is an essential beauty focus. Our skin is fighting against daily internal & external aggressions like stress, pollution and UV, skin needs to be renewed for a smooth and radiant result. (Time 60 minutes)

Scientifically inspired, the Resurfacing Cosmeceutic Treatment is inspired by medical techniques to intensively renew the skin, detoxify and brighten even the most slackened skins for a silky, smooth and glowing complexion.

Method 1: Chemical Exfoliation
20% Pure Glycolic Acid (AHA) and bonded Salicylic Acid (BHA) eliminate dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal, leaving the skin smooth and refined.

Method 2: Mechanical Exfoliation
Micro-Crystals of corundum (Alumnia – family of Sapphires and Rubies) helps to cleanse the pores and eliminate dead skin cells. Skin is detoxed, revitalised, glowing and radiant.

Proven Efficiency:

  • Complexion is clear & bright: +30% after 1 treatment
  • Hydration/Softness: 100% satisfaction
  • Finer skin grain: 100% satisfaction
  • Skin is clear, smooth & renewed: 100% satisfaction

*Product tested on 20 models after 1 treatment

Ampoule Treatment


A deep cleanse and exfoliation followed by a personally prescribed intensive ampoule complex and treatment mask. The skin is left feeling rejuvenated and radiant. (Time 60 Minutes)

Vitamin C Treatment


A powerful vitamin C pick me up cocktail incorporating antioxidants together with concentrated essence of orange, mandarin and lemon. This will leave your skin hydrated and energised. (Time 60 minutes)

Anti Ageing


Focuses on the skins specific ageing concern. Whether skin shows the first signs of premature ageing (fine wrinkles) or accelerated sun damaged ageing (deep wrinkles) through to mature skin. (Time 60 minutes)

Intensive Hydration


Intensively hydrating. Designed specially to target fine lines, dryness, dehydration, loss of elasticity and plumpness. Encourages the skin to use its own natural systems to preserve itself against accelerated skin ageing, to rehydrate the skin. (Time 60 minutes)

Eye Contour Treatment


Add to any facial treatment for $40 (Time 30 minutes)

Designed to specifically combat the ageing of the eye contour. Targets on puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles. Immediately diminishes signs of fatigue and ageing to regain sparkling eyes.

Proven Efficiency:

  • Up to 36% reduction on surface area of major wrinkles
  • 38% less dark circles
  • 100% satisfaction on puffiness reduction

*Tested on 21 models after 3 sessions